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This property segment is an asset class of its own. High-specs and custom villas cater to a buyer with a distinct eye as luxury means something different to each person. Find some of the latest offerings we have in the most exclusive neighborhoods across Dubai

These assets are unique and require one to pay special attention to the details. We have available villas, mansions and villa plots available for sale. Check with our specialist about sale and leasing options.

Finding a villa of high-specifications and high design that matches your requirements can be challenging. We at ZRE understand that luxury is defined by the smallest details. Our specialists have experience is understanding your requirement and showing you what the best options that match your criteria. Here are some of the exclusive neighborhoods in which we have Villas available for sale or lease:

Not every villa is advertised. We have access to unique villas that are off-market and are only meant for the discerning eye. Give us a call or WhatsApp and we can guide you through the process of finding a new home.

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