Types of Payment Plans on Properties

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Payment Plans and what does it mean to you?

The word Payment Plan usually crops up when you are looking at Off-Plan Properties. Usually, our clients look to purchase Off-Plan properties as your upfront costs are much lower than that of an existing property and the payments can be made in installments over a period of time whilst the property is being constructed. Hence, payment plans are a very important consideration when buying an off-plan property or rather a property directly from the developer. Although, with a plethora of offers and options available in the Dubai Off-Plan Market today, it can be quite a hard decision to make for a buyer. 

Before we explore deeper and de-mystify the types of payment plans available, let us look into what a payment plan for an off-plan project really is:

“A payment plan is a schedule of payments set and outlined by a developer on properties offered for sale within a particular project”

Most of the payment plans have traditionally been construction linked. For example a 50/50 payment plan, simply means that the first 50% is paid during the course of the project construction and is linked with construction milestones. The rest of the 50% is paid at the time of handover of the project. 

In the past couple of years a few new lucrative payment plans have been introduced that you can take advantage of. You are able to choose projects that have monthly flexible payments or can make bi-yearly payments as well, and over past the few years post-handover payment plans have become very popular.

Some projects can have a “Move-in and pay later” scheme. These are limited to a few developments. Here you can pay a down-payment and move-in. The remaining amount can be paid in equal installments over 3-5 years. In this case, you are able to own a freehold property whilst paying the amount in flexible installments that is equivalent to the rent you may have being paying earlier. 

That is just one example and there are so many types of payment plans and for both an end-user or an investor. We have conducted some extensive research and analysis projections to show which payment plans work best if you are looking at Off-Plan Projects or even Ready Properties. You can request a call back for a chat on what are the best options available for you.

Check out for our thoughts on Mortgages vs. Payment Plans on our upcoming post.

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