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Experienced Advice on Dubai Real Estate

Zabadani Real Estate (ZRE) is a Dubai based real estate advisory firm focused on creating wealth for you through real estate assets. We are able to source sound real estate investments because we have been established in the UAE for the past three decades. Therefore, we can leverage our network to get you access to a varied deal flow and provide deeper insights. This further drives our belief that a real estate asset provides opportunities to find your home and a way to increase your wealth.

Get ‘Real’ Advice

Ask our experts any questions you may have about real estate assets within the UAE. With more than 30 years of experience, you can get the ‘reality of realty’ right here.

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Real Estate Advisory

At ZRE, we find the highest and best use of your real estate asset by analyzing from 3 main perspectives:

Asset Potential | Requirement & Resources | Market Opportunities

As a Dubai Real Estate Advisory firm, our team of specialists can offer a deep understanding of aspects such as: finance, tax, accounting or legal issues. It is good to note that the process and regulations may differ from your home country; hence, we aim to ensure you receive the most comprehensive advice when making a decision.

Leveraging our experience and knowledge, we provide realty solutions to individuals and institutions. It does not matter if it is a single property, a real estate portfolio or a dedicated Prop-Co; we support You during the whole life cycle of an asset. Especially from purchasing a bare land plot to selling or leasing a complete building. Thus, our team works towards creating real estate assets into a profitable ventures.